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Top Benefits Of Taking A Kickboxing Class

kickboxer at RAM

Kickboxer at RAM

Kickboxing in Lynchburg, Virginia is more popular than ever, and it has become one of the most popular martial arts in the United States today. This style of training, apart from teaching you valuable self-defense skills, can also provide an impressive range of health and fitness benefits. You want to get in great shape?  Take Kickboxing. You want to learn how to defend yourself?  Find a good Kickboxing class. Want to have fun…these are just a few reasons you should consider trying Kickboxing classes out for yourself.  Here are 9 more, specific reasons to start taking Kickboxing classes today:

Reduced Stress
One of the best ways to reduce stress is to exercise. Numerous studies have found a connection between a consistent fitness routine and maintaining healthy stress levels. The fun, camaraderie and fast pace of a kickboxing takes the stress-reduction great things about exercise to a full new level. Kicking and punching can be cathartic, while the art also incorporates multiple forms of resistance and cardiovascular conditioning . In fact, the movements a kickboxer learns help develop every part of the body, from the inside out! Within a few minutes of beginning a training session, you can feel your stress begin to dissolve away.

Improved Confidence
Another major positive aspect of kickboxing is the self-confidence it helps develop. During kickboxing training, your brain releases endorphins which are known to help increase mood and improve confidence. More notably, the endorphins released on your kickboxing class will let you feel happier all day after the training has finished.

Better Coordination
Through kickboxing, you will be able to learn better balance and coordination. You’ll notice improvements to your posture as your core muscular tissues strengthen and your coordination and reflexes develop. The timing, precision and finesse kickboxing requires make it the perfect way to develop your overall coordination.

Lost Weight
The varied full-body workout that kickboxing provides makes it a terrific way to burn calories. In just one hour of kickboxing, you can burn up to 800 calories as you burn fat, tone your muscles and rev up your metabolism.

Increased Power
Kickboxing requires a great deal of energy, but in the long run, it can actually increase your overall your energy level. When you initially start kickboxing training, you may feel fatigued at the conclusion of class, but as you build your power and cardio conditioning, your energy levels build likewise.

New Friends
A martial arts gym is one of the best places to meet interesting new people who likely share many of your interests. When you join a kickboxing class, you will not only benefit from the physical improvements to your health, but improvements to your mental health likewise. You will have access to many new social opportunities as you build new friendships with like-minded men and women.

Self Defense
In today’s world, where crime seems like a daily occurrence in even seemingly safe areas, being able to protect yourself is a top priority. That is why kickboxing and similar self defense classes for people of all ages are skyrocketing in popularity.

Improved Endurance
The constant movement required by this form of training significantly enhances your muscular and cardiovascular endurance as it builds your strength, coordination, and overall flexibility. You end up feeling both strong and empowered.

Enhanced Confidence
Another advantage kickboxing classes can provide is a drastically improved sense of self confidence. You feel more energetic and optimistic following each training session, helping you feel positive about yourself.

Fat Loss
People interested in getting into shape should consider joining a kickboxing program instead of an ordinary gym gym. Kickboxing revs your metabolism and burns off calories at an impressive rate. By taking these classes, you will not only make progress toward your weight loss goals, you will develop potentially life-saving self-defense abilities.

Decreased Tension Levels
Finally, stress is an unfortunate reality of life for virtually everyone. For kids in school, the cause is often exams, while for adults, causes can range from work to finances to health. Exercise can often help reduce this type of stress, and kickboxing is a particularly efficient way of accomplishing this and brightening your mood. If the idea of reduced stress and improved fitness appeals to you, find a quality kickboxing class near you!

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